Ask the Art Professor: How Do You Price Art?


You see, you possibly can’t worth your artwork in a vacuum; you must contemplate its “neighborhood,” its context, the “art criteria” that join it to the remainder of the art world. You’ll discover that it doesn’t matter what market you sell in, whether local, regional, national or worldwide, that for essentially the most part, every kind of art by each kind of artist has its personal value construction, and that features yours. Now you could be considering, “But my art is exclusive. You can’t worth artwork like that.” Yes it is distinctive, but so is each home in any given neighborhood. No matter how unique your artwork is, it’s also similar in certain methods to artwork by other artists– just like one house is just like another (they each have certain numbers of rooms, sq. footage, and so on). The selling price of a house that’s simply coming onto the market is based on what are called “comparables” or “comps” or prices that related houses in the identical neighborhood sell for– actual estate criteria.

They’re all priced in the $a thousand-$2000 vary besides one which’s $10,000. Though he has each proper to really feel strongly about it, as do you about certain works of your art, he can’t base selling prices on emotions. Feelings are non-transferable and cannot be translated into dollars and cents. You can only sell art, not emotions.

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