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Fall Business of Art Observed Forum

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His general objective is to push the abstract and internal expressionism into a sort of communication or feeling yet also appealing to core human sexuality and attraction. Drew takes his inspiration from childhood nostalgia and pin up artwork as well as in style abstract artists.

He has actively studied and painted for 20 years in the Northern Illinois area. His works play with shade and type and are layered to point out his progress from begin to end. Childhood experiences, in addition to inspiration from other native artists, are included into his works to create a unique and exciting approach to every painting. Playing with form and form, his work imposes joyful overtones with dark or deep subtext.

For Community Commissions, DOT arranges for an engineering evaluate by a NYS licensed engineer; whereas for Arterventions, the applicant is answerable for hiring an engineer to arrange the necessary documentation. Partner organizations … Read More