The story is a drama that usually has a theme, a mandate, the characteristics of the characters played in the drama, the plot, and the setting of the story. Drama does not need to use the point of view no. The drama is a drama that tells a direct story. The drama also has a characteristic that is done dramatically through the acting played by players. Not just acting, but also costumes and stage decorations. The drama has several types that can be enjoyed. The types of drama are as follows.

1. Comedy-drama. Stories in comedies are based on funny stories or are told in the form of jokes. Generally, in drama, comedy is a hilarious dialogue that serves to satirize but ends in happiness. The characters played in this drama are generally stupid, naughty, or wise, but still funny.

2. Drama tragedy – comedy. Stories collected in drama tragedies – a comedy about a combination of tragedy and comedy.

3. Drama tragedy. A drama that contains stories that are tragic and won. The person who wins in the drama of tragedy is a tragic hero. What is meant by a hero who changes a tragic fate?

4. Melodrama. This type of drama features sentimental stories. That means, the stories and characters discussed in the drama are thrilling and moving. In the black and white publications, the evil characters depict people who continue to commit the all-evil crime. On the other hand, a good character, in this drama portrays perfectly, so that he has no mistakes and no shortcomings at all.

5. Slapstick or what is called a joke. It is a light and hilarious drama. The plot in the story is developed based on the developments made by the characters. The contents of the stories can be vulgar and rude. This type of drama can also be referred to as petty comedy or cheap comedy.

Furthermore, after discussing the types of drama above, we will be discussed about the types of drama that are distinguished based on the technique in the performance. This drama is as follows.

1. Traditional drama. This drama uses sources from community traditions. The story, which is presented in traditional drama, generally discusses the king or the royal family or is called a centric palace. This drama is usually performed in certain religious activities or community traditions.

2. Modern drama. This drama is based on the results of the literature compiled for use in a performance. The story in this drama deals with ordinary people or social centrists. This drama is also not related to religious activities or community traditions. The equipment used for staging is quite modern.

The explanation above hopefully can provide a picture for us all about all matters relating to understanding, elements of drama and type. Have a good study.

Intrinsic and Extrinsic Elements in Drama