Group vocal are a more expressive form of presenting songs than choirs. The vocal group presentation can grab everyone’s attention because the arrangement of the song is different from the original melody. Usually the arrangement of the song is more varied than the original song. In making song arrangements there are several stages that must be considered, so that a song can be more interesting, beautiful and pleasant to hear even more than the original song. The following are the stages of arranging songs for group vocal:

group vocal


The intro is the initial melody that is sung before entering the main song. The intro was created to create an interesting impression on the more expressive music. The intro can be taken from the part of the song that is considered the most interesting or characteristic of the song. The intro is made based on each person’s creativity but must pay attention to the chords of the song.

Voice Difference Variations

The next stage is dividing the tasks for vocal learning. Vocal groups usually consist of 2-10 people. From this number of members, we can determine the distribution of votes. Voice distribution can be divided based on the sound character of each individual. This is because each individual has their own sound color and it depends on us harmonizing the song according to the chords of the song in the form of the song where the sound will be broken down.

Voice Difference Variations

After these steps have been determined. We can beautify the presentation of group vocals by providing improvisations that are still based on the chords of the song even though they are out of the main melody. Improvisation is not given to all songs, but only some parts of the song allow for variations in pitch. Improvisation in a vocal group must be discussed thoroughly so that the purpose of improvisation, which is to beautify the song, can be achieved.

End of Song

The last part of the song is an arena for the creativity of the vocal group members. In this section the vocal arrangers can make the end of the song interesting so that the audience can be impressed with the song being performed and get an unforgettable impression. The end of the song can be taken from one of the song’s most interesting melodies and becomes a firm and patterned accentuation, of course, must match the chords of the song.

Important Stages of Modern Song Arrangement Group Vocal