I always love it when somebody tackles the age-outdated question. I think there is an element of chance to any painting too. Something about being in the right place at the right time with the best composition to strike a twine with the populace. Totally uneducated in art, she would have remained an obscure primitive artist painting for her personal amusement if it had not been the top of a World War and the folks abruptly wanted to see “again to an easier way of life” kind of items. Sometimes there is no knowing what the public desires and you need to paint what you want it doesn’t matter what.

When I began Oil Painting, I by no means thought I would worth my art work. For example, I sold 9×12 oil landscapes (framed) on the gallery in the early 2000s for round $900. Today, selling alone, I’m really fortunate to get $four hundred framed. Why am I not working with galleries?

I instantly signed with top-of-the-line galleries in Los Angeles, Lisa Dubins, and he or she educated me to the business facet of the business. Though my first paintings offered very cheaply, she made incremental will increase as my reputation grew. I’ve not increased my costs in a long time and the following are the prices and sizes I most often paint. When working with galleries, keep in mind that every gallery sells in a price range… i.e galleries in well know arts districts sell larger priced artwork.

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In other wordsI needed to make a sure amount of cash to support myself. Taking that information, I knew how much per square inch I needed to charge.

Of course, what I’m hoping is that TWO folks will need it and run the price up. That’s happened a few occasions thus far. Shipping is extra, $four.eighty for a USPS flat price envelope. Another artist good friend noticed that individuals have completely different worth thresholds when looking at buying artwork. Someone who pays $2000 in all probability received’t pay $5000.

In order to make legitimate comparisons, you want a great ballpark thought how the quality of your artwork and the extent of your accomplishments stack up against these of different artists, particularly those who you’ll be comparing yourself to. In other phrases, don’t exaggerate your stature. If you have been making artwork for 3 years, for instance, don’t examine yourself to artists who’ve been making it for twenty. Being honest like this isn’t necessarily easy and it is not necessarily nice, but it’s important if you want to make it as an artist. Painting, the expression of ideas and emotions, with the creation of certain aesthetic qualities, in a two-dimensional visible language.

People who buy artwork do it; you should too. Now let’s do a fast switch and consider that artwork from the attitude of experienced sellers, curators, critics or collectors. These folks almost at all times examine artwork from artist to artist and from gallery to gallery earlier than they resolve what to buy, sell, acquire, write about, exhibit or represent, no matter what kind of art they’re looking at or how unique it is. They hardly ever, if ever, discover themselves with only one selection. This next point I already made, but as a result of it is so essential I’m going to make it once more this time from a special angle.

How to Price Your Artwork: This Formula Makes it Easy
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