Making music arrangements can be said to be easy and difficult. For those of you who are experts in music, maybe it’s not difficult. However, it’s not that easy either, there are still many important things that must be considered. Because if you make careless musical arrangements, instead of producing music that is pleasing to the ear, it will actually sound chaotic. At least you must have knowledge of scales, harmony, and types of music. Apart from that, you also need to master the types of arrangements that you will use later, such as in acoustic form. Therefore, in making musical arrangements you also have to pay attention to the quality of the music that you will produce later. Here are some ways for simple music arrangements.

Music Arrangements

Listen to your favorite songs often

If you have a lot of favorite songs, this will help make it easier for you to make musical arrangements, because from your favorite songs you can get influences/ role models in music. In making musical arrangements, you can take influence from your favorite musicians. If you have more than one influence in music, then the results will be more unique. Besides listening to your favorite musicians, often listen to successful musicians with their arranged songs.

Learn the song to arrange

To arrange a song you have to pay attention to the type of song first. Each song has its own type and theme, so you need to pay attention to the type of song that you will arrange, don’t get it wrong when you arrange a song with a sad theme but you change the music of the song into cheerful music. In addition, by studying the song, you can learn the beats and rhythm of the song, and you can feel the strains of the tune, which you will later change according to your wishes and creativity. From there you can determine the beats and rhythms that you will use in your musical arrangements later.

Use a musical instrument that you have mastered

With a musical instrument you can create a foundation. Musical instruments are very important instruments in making musical arrangements, because with musical instruments you can create a rhythmic rhythm which will later become the basis of the flow of music you create. Usually the tools used are guitars, pianos, and some use computers, it all depends on the skills you have.

Start creating a rhythm

Creating a rhythm is a very important thing in the arrangement process. This is where you can bring out the expertise and taste in music that you have. To make a rhythm, you can use that instrument, for example, when using a guitar, start banging your guitar, play the song cords that you have chosen, set the rhythm, beats, and rhythm according to your creativity. If necessary, use the rhythm of the musicians who became your influence earlier.

Easy Ways to Simple Music Arrangements